Biosfera - Organic store in Locarno

What a wonderful adventure! I, Pietro Leemann, a lover of good food prepared with the best vegetables, and my beloved daughter Vera Bernhard, who has always been committed to organic food and the well-being of the body, have taken over the management of Biosfera. This historic store in Locarno, lovingly run by Barbara Candolfi, was a pioneer in the promotion of organic farming.
I, Pietro, will be involved in developing new culinary offerings, setting up the tea and spice departments and customizing recipes such as ravioli and chocolate. I hope that I can also bring a touch of innovative gastronomy in the future.
I, Vera, will dedicate myself to the personal care and well-being of our customers. I love interacting with them and already have lots of ideas to make the store even more welcoming and personal.

But this is just the beginning of our adventure! We are delighted to have so many wonderful people who choose authentic values and visit us. So onwards and upwards! We are ready to surprise you and make you feel at home.


Pietro and Vera